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The Love146 Northern Nevada team invites community members to get involved in awareness and prevention efforts in the fight against child trafficking. Love146 provides us resources, educational materials, to build a thriving community of people who want to make a real  impact.

We believe that prevention through education and awareness protect children from trafficking and exploitation.

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About Us

We are a new volunteer team located in the Reno/Sparks area of Northern Nevada.  We know that human trafficking is happending right here in our own communities.

Being a child is an inherent vulnerability. Children are vulnerable because their brains are still developing, because they depend on adults for safety and resources, and because they lack many basic legal rights. Although all youth are vulnerable to being groomed by traffickers, some are particularly vulnerable, including children in the foster care system, runaway and homeless youth, youth that identify as LGBTQ+, and those with a history of complex traumatic stress—resulting from continuous exposure to family dysfunction, trauma, sexual abuse, and other forms of abuse or harassment (i.e. bullying).

We’re helping end trafficking by supporting solutions that reduce risk and increase protection. You could make the critical difference in someone’s life.